Spivack Girls Take On TLV Marathon for Mom's 60th!

We are doing all the hard work, you can support us by contributing to this GREAT cause!

Spivack Girls Take On the TLV Marathon A Project of Kids4Peace International

KIDS4PEACE is a global movement of youth and families, dedicated to ending conflict and inspiring hope in divided societies around the world.

Kids4Peace operates international summer camps, leadership programs and a six-year, year-round program for more than 500 Palestinian, Israeli and North American youth.

Of course you can see why we are passionate about this cause and believe that it is important to support efforts like these which are actively making the world a brighter, more hopeful place :)

$1,176 Raised
117% towards $1,000 Goal

Supported by 24 Donations:

  • Wole O.
    I Gave $50
    Anything for you Dani...Best of luck Team Spivack!
  • Meredith K.
    I Gave $25
    Good luck Spivack ladies!!
  • Bunny and Ellie P.
    Great cause, way to go Spivacks'!!! Love Bunny and Ellie
  • Kara S.
  • Sheva C.
    I Gave $18
  • Tehila R.
    I Gave $50
    To my inspirational ladies!
  • Susan S.
    I Gave $36
    What an amazing way to celebrate 60!
  • Silhouette
  • Edie B.
    I Gave $50
  • Bryna R.
    Great cause! Good luck with the marathon!
  • Lynn B.
    Go Team Spivack!
  • Michal D.
    I Gave $30
    Go Lauren!!!
  • Silhouette
  • Sevonne  E.
    I Gave $36
    Impressive! Good luck :)
  • Susan N.
    I Gave $60
    In honor of my bff Sharon's birthday...what Mary said. You are an inspiration.
  • Mary  O.
    I Gave $25
    How wonderful! I applaud all of you!
  • Meghan B.
    I Gave $25
  • Mary M.
    I Gave $60
    In honor of Sharon’s 60th Birthday.
  • Sarah M.
    I Gave $50