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Support Jerusalem's Young Adult Leaders

Dialogue to Action Initiative A Project of Kids4Peace International

With your help, the Dialogue to Action Initiative will continue to provide training, guidance, mentorship and support to a community of young peace activists, as they develop their own strategies for change.

Dr. Yakir Englander, former director of Kids4Peace Jerusalem and a leading voice in interfaith peace activism, is leading the project during its 20-15-2016 pilot phase.

"It's time now to bring the voice of Kids4Peace back into our communities. To develop deep relationships with people on both sides of Jerusalem, so we can bring a change – not only in small ways, but in ways that echo through the broader society." - Dr. Yakir Englander, Project Director


  1. Young Adult Programs: Training in nonviolence and youth-led projects that address the most pressing issues of society, such as the escalation of racist attitudes.
  2. Public Scholarship: Develop a body of teaching and writing on interfaith peace activism, nonviolence and faith-based social change in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – bringing religion into the forefront of conversations about peace.
  3. Community Engagement: Develop relationships with key political, religious and civil society leaders. Host town hall meetings and other forums, in which young adults can challenge their leaders and advocate for change

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Together We Can Make It Happen! Here's How:
Project Director $45,000
Trainers and Workshop Leaders $5,000
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Communication & Administration $5,000
Travel & Meetings $5,000
$49,680 Raised
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